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Irish Music Producer, Guitar & Ukulele Teacher Rathfarnham Bryan Jardim



I will give your mix that final professional industry standard polish, ready for release on all platforms, and above all, I will make sure you are happy.

I do not rush my masters, so I don't offer 24 hour delivery. This is because I want to give each song/recording the time it deserves, to achieve the highest quality possible. I still offer a very quick turnaround.

I use no mastering presets and every single track that I work on receives it's own unique mastering. The only way it should be!

You will receive your high quality WAV file, and I will also send the highest quality MP3 with your single/album details and artwork encoded. This will give your single/album that more professional look on media players, phones and computers, great for sharing around!

ISRC codes can also be encoded directly to WAV and MP3 files upon request.

I have been recording, mixing and mastering many different styles/genres of music for 15+ years.


I have a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Creative Music Production graduating with a First Class Honours and receiving Student of the Year.

Please contact me if you wish to have your song/album mastered or if you have any questions. 

Looking forward to hearing your music!

All the best,


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