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Online Beginner Course

Do Your First Guitar Term Online!

All of my beginner guitar students do these EXACT classes for their first term. Save yourself travel time and money by getting started right now with the online version of these classes. With over 17 years of real teaching experience, working with hundreds of students of all ages, this course has been meticulously crafted to achieve one goal - To Prove That Everyone Can Learn the Guitar

No Long Video Introductions - No Unnecessary Chit-chat - No Ads - No Trying to Get You to Like/Subscribe/Share etc... Get straight to learning how to play! All of the classes have been designed and edited to pack as much information as possible, without having to make you sit through a lengthy 30+ minute video (the first class will take less than 7 minutes of your time!).


No GIMMICKS - Receive a Balanced Introduction to the Guitar! If you look around the internet, you'll see many online guitar courses saying 'Quick Start/Fast Track Guitar' or 'Learn Guitar Instantly'. What usually happens in these classes is that they only focus on one tiny aspect of the guitar, such as learning 2-3 of the easiest chords on the instrument, and then playing songs that only use those chords. Although it can be a fun way to start, these gimmicky classes will turn you into a 'one-trick pony' guitar player. From my perspective as a guitar teacher, I find it is a very unbalanced way to be introduced to the instrument as it ignores so many other aspects of guitar that you should be introduced to from the get-go! These include playing melodies, fingerpicking, fretting and picking technique, tablature/chord sheet reading, beginner music theory etc... This is what this Beginner Guitar Course is all about. So... If you want a Full, Balanced, Well-Thought-Out Introduction to the Guitar, then this is the course for you!

The class videos were shot with professional camera equipment/lighting so you can see everything clearly, and recorded with music studio audio equipment to ensure high-fidelity sound. All classes have detailed diagrams and animations built into the video, making everything as clear as possible and without you having to alternate between looking at notes and the video. Class details and notes are also provided for you to print and play when away from the screen.


I'm currently offering over 40% OFF my Beginner Guitar Course (11 Classes in Total). Doing these classes with me in person would cost €242, but now for a limited time only, you can grab the video versions that you can pause, rewind and work through at your own pace, for just €80

Finally, I've also decided to make my first class Absolutely Free! Try it out right now with no sign up or card details required, just Press Play Below and let me prove to you that you can learn the guitar!

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Class 1 - Guitar Introduction
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Reg. €135 SAVE 41%

***If you have any issues receiving your files after your purchase please send me a message using the 'CONTACT' button at the top of this page and I'll make sure you get your files.***
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