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Star Thief

Credits Bryan Jardim - Sound Designer & Composer. Music Production, Foley, Recording, Mixing, Mastering, Shakuhachi

Julia Madeline Stella - Writer, Director, Animator, Assistant Storyboard Artist

Marc Agosta - Lead Storyboard Artist, Lead Animator, Layout Artist, Editor

Celene Eddie Amin - Producer, Animator, Storyboard Artist, Background Artist

Caitlin Miric - Character Designer, Lead Colour Stylist, Background Artist, Animator

James Crea - Digital Compositor, Pipeline Technical Developer, VFX Designer, Animator

Samantha Tan - Digital Compositor, VFX Artist

Charlotte O'Neill-Donnellon - Character Designer, Concept Artist, Background Artist, Animator

Louise Martin - Voice of the Moon


Description - A fish grows as he eats the stars and knocks the Moon out of the sky to try eat her too. The Moon must use her control of the tides to get the stars back and return them to the night sky. 
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